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Boulders and Retaining Walls

Boulder and paver retaining walls provide erosion control, add value and beauty to a property. We provide all stages of landscape construction from our on staff personable and custom landscape designer MSU graduate Rick Randolph, who has over 40 years of experience in the landscape design and construction industry.

We offer design with a personable touch and we will take the time to accommodate your ideas into a proper, lasting, and custom designed landscape construction plan.

Brick pavers are prebuilt tiles of concrete that simulate tile, brick cobblestone, or even chiseled stone. Brick pavers in both patios and pathways have been more popular in recent years. Contrasted to other hardscapes, pavers provide many advantages.

Our commitment and passion for the outdoor environments of our customers generates our drive to provide the highest level of craftsmanship with honesty and integrity. At Eastern Michigan, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

A main advantage brick pavers have over concrete is they are easy to maintain. In the unfortunate situation where a tree root raises, or grade changes due to natural occurrence, pavers can simply be dismantled and replaced as opposed to concrete which would need expensive repair or even replacement.

Another advantage a brick paver patio offers over a deck is that they can be installed to properly drain water from the base of your home. Pavers also tend to be very stable and if installed correctly have more strength than concrete and are more durable and permanent than a wood built structure.

Please contact us anytime for a free consultation and estimate. We are committed to high quality, personable, and custom tailored service.

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