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Weekly Lawn Maintenance

We provide high quality and dependable weekly lawn maintenance which includes:
  • Mowing of turf in a multi-directional pattern, creating a diamond like pattern of turf areas. We use zero turn machines with blades that are sharpened daily. Our operators are trained to turn carefully to minimize tearing and practice good discharge control around landscapes. There is no extra charge for "double cutting" during periods of growth.
  • Trimming around any obstacles (buildings, vegetation landscapes,etc.), sloped areas too steep for a mower, in areas that hold water, and any other place the mower cannot get to.
  • Edging of all paved surfaces on a weekly basis with a string trimmer. Our operators are trained to turn trimmer on a 90 degree angle around all hard surfaces. Overgrown edges can be done to identify edge for an extra charge which includes clean-up and removal.
  • Blowing of all hard surfaces, landscapes, playscapes, etc. Our operators are trained to blow debris from the edges of hard surfaces to maintain a nice clean, edged appearance on a weekly basis.

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