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Sprinkler Systems

We are committed to honest and personable service. If there are any questions or concerns, simply call and we will take time to accommodate each customer's unique needs.

An automatic sprinkler system will protect your valuable landscaping from the whims of Mother Nature and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. You will have dense, green grass and lush, healthy vegetation. Expensive? No, it's an investment that will increase the value of your home, save water and save you time too.

By installing a sprinkler system you can save money by using less water. Typically sprinkler systems use only 50% the amount of water that hand watering would use, due to preventing runoff and evaporation. We offer spring start up, winterization and setting timers for the appropriate season if desired, just contact us and we will answer questions and set you up with an annual sprinkler maintenance program.

Owner Jennifer Beattie has over 20 years of actual field experience and sprinkler systems are her specialty. She stays up to date on the latest technology by attending trade shows and seminars. We are committed to quality and use only professional high grade sprinkler systems and parts, yet we are still competitively priced. Contact us anytime to get an estimate on installing or maintaining your sprinkler system.

We are always open to communicate, so please contact us anytime!

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