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Water Features

There are many water fixtures that you can install in your gardens or backyards to add a touch or harmony and softness to the landscape. Outdoor water features are in high demand amongst our clients, as they create a very unique and appealing environment. Depending on how large or how small your backyard is, you can install different types of water features:


These can be a natural element that complements your home, looking rustic and invoking a sense of wilderness. They can also appear modern and chic if the installations are in geometric shapes arranged carefully to blend in and complement the styling of your home. In Japanese - themed gardens, it is popular to add a pond with Koi fish to get that element of nature and harmony.


More popular than ponds, fountains are very common amongst homeowners as well as commercial property owners. Fountains have been used to adorn properties for hundreds of years and can add a sense of elegance to your home. Some fountains (depending on their design), can appear minimalistic and restrained while others can be ornate and beautiful. As garden water features, they stand out and can add a touch of class to your landscape.


Waterfalls are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. These features add rhythm and movement to your landscape and the soothing sound of flowing water can add a nice ambiance to your home. Waterfalls are constructed from stone to give them a natural look. They can also be made of concrete and other materials to give a more sophisticated, modern look.

Garden Stream

This is one of the newer outdoor water feature ideas and is gaining popularity. Like waterfalls, streams also add movement and can be easy to construct and maintain. They can sometimes lead to a small pond and you can have a combination of a stream, waterfall and a pond, creating different scenery.

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